Teaching Interests
  • Marketing Analytics
  • CRM & Data Mining
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Marketing Research
Teaching Assistance
  • Marketing Analytics (PMBA) – 2021, 2020
    • Instructor: Ram Janakiraman
  • CRM and Data Mining (MBA & PMBA) – 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018
    • Instructor: Ram Janakiraman
  • Principles of Marketing – 2019, 2018
    • Instructor: David Crockett
Teaching Experience

Fall 2020

Marketing Strategy and Planning (Instructor Rating 4.51/5)

Anonymous Student Reviews

I think I learned more from this class than other marketing classes I have taken in the past, because we were actually working on all these different elements firsthand rather than memorizing definitions for an exam.
Overall, this was one of my favorite courses taken at USC, and I would definitely recommend it to other students.”

“… Marketing Strategy and Planning was my only class that held a live session, my other four classes were taught asynchronously. I found asynchronous learning to be quite difficult as when a lecture becomes a YouTube video that can be stopped at any moment- it is easy to get distracted. Also, many of my professors failed to post their lecture slides so as a visual learner I found it challenging to solely rely on lecture videos and the textbook for lesson material. I found myself learning just the bare minimum information required to complete assignments as asynchronous learning did not engage me whatsoever. On the other hand, I appreciated your Blackboard collaborate lectures and engaging group project assignments as they helped me
learn and retain information about my favorite subject.

“…then I took a mental health day. This, of course, isn’t easy in a society where mental health days are still considered sick days and unexcused absences. Because of this, those professors that are accommodating do not realize how much they do for their students, and I really appreciated everything that you specifically did.
Not all of my professors instilled as much patience and support in me, so for you to have done that really shows me what I could do for your class.
The work I could put in front of you.”

“Keeps class consistent and has good communication with students. Very knowledgeable about marketing and business current events.”

“Professor Sarkar is extremely knowledgeable about marketing strategy. He included real-life examples of marketing efforts put forth by a variety of companies and even had guest speakers come to talk about their personal experiences. He was also really nice with feedback constructive but gentle comments helped our group to move along in the project.”

“Helps to relate marketing to real-life examples.”

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